You asked: How popular is Heavy Rain?

How many players is heavy rain?

Get a party of four people and match each person to a character. The game is split into scenes, every scene features one of the main characters and only one character is controlled at a time.

Can a 13 year old play Heavy Rain?

The game is great but it’s not for anyone under 16. There is quite a bit of nudity, a sex scene, heavy laguage and violence, and the setting and themes are too dark for young teens.

Can kids play Heavy Rain?

Good game but not for kids.

Is heavy rain scary?

Heavy Rain puts you through a gut-wrenching dismemberment scene. … Joking aside, Heavy Rain has some seriously disturbing moments. The central story — searching for a serial killer and a missing son — is in itself disturbing enough. There are a few things that stand out, however, as a bit tough to stomach.

Does heavy rain have multiple endings?

Given that there are a fair few playable characters in Heavy Rain, there are a multiple endings surrounding each of them. In the following guide, we’ll breakdown each one, and give you the endings possible for each character. We’ll also show you the decisions you’ll have to make in order to get to each one.

What age rating is Detroit: Become Human?

The game is rated mature 17+ and I can understand why they made it 17+ if it was rated teen there would be young kids getting it and being exposed to many cuss words and it can put a bad influence on them so make sure that you child is mature enough to not be influenced by some of the action in the game.

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Is Detroit: Become Human open world?

Kotaku’s source said the new project, unlike the studio’s previous releases, is a more conventional action game, possibly in an open world setting and with multiplayer components. … Its games aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but they are consistent: From The Nomad Soul to Detroit: Become Human, they’re linear.