You asked: What is the average snowfall in Chicago?

What is the most snow ever recorded in Chicago?

Chicago Weather: The Top 10 Biggest Snowstorms In City History

  • 23.0 inches Jan 26-27, 1967.
  • 21.6 inches Jan 1-3, 1999.
  • 21.2 inches Feb. 1-2, 2011.
  • 20.3 inches Jan 13-14, 1979.
  • 19.3 inches Feb. 1-2, 2015.
  • 19.2 inches Mar 25-26, 1930.
  • 16.2 inches Mar 7-8, 1931.
  • 15.0 inches Dec 17-20, 1929.

How much snow has Chicago had in 2021?

The city of Chicago was colder and snowier than average, with the city exceeding its typical February snowfall by more than a foot in 2021. According to data published by the National Weather Service, the city saw a total of 21.6 inches of snow between Feb. 1 and Feb. 29, well above the average amount of 9.1 inches.

Is Chicago colder than New York?

Winter Is Real

But winters are a different story. … While the coldest average monthly temperature in New York bottoms out at 27 degrees, Chicago’s average lows in winter months are 18 degrees or colder.

Is Boston colder than Chicago?

Chicago is consistently about 10 degrees colder than Boston on an average day in the winter. That difference feels pretty big because while 30 – 35 degrees is cold, 20 – 25 degrees is really cold. Chicago winters are also longer, and yet Chicago summers are uncomfortably hot more often than Boston summers too.

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Is Chicago an expensive city?

Is it expensive to live in Chicago? Compared to the national average, the cost of living in Chicago is higher. In fact, the city is ranked as the 11th most expensive city in the nation, putting Chicago on par with cities like Seattle, Boston, and San Diego.

Is Chicago a good place to live?

As the third-largest city in the U.S., Chicago is the ideal city for those who want to live in a world-class metropolitan area with Midwest values. … Despite not having access to a coast, the Chicago lakefront is a major part of city life.

Is there snow in Chicago in February?

HOW MUCH DOES IT SNOW IN CHICAGO IN FEBRUARY? While the snowfall is different every year, in February the city sees an average of 9.1 inches (23.1 cm) of snowfall. Chicago usually will have at least an inch (2.5 cm) of snowfall that will stay on the ground for about 12 days.

When was the last blizzard in Chicago?

Over the three day period, snowfall totaled 21.2 inches officially at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, making it the third largest snowstorm on record for the city of Chicago.

January 31-February 2, 2011 Historic Blizzard.

Chicago O’Hare, IL
Date Time Snowfall Amount (inches)
2/2 12AM-6AM 3.7
6AM-12PM 2.9

What year was the snowiest January in Chicago?

Here’s a list of yearly records for the heaviest snowfalls and snowiest days in Chicago, Illinois.

Chicago – Extreme Daily Snowfall for Each Year.

Inches Date Centimetres
5.2 January 10, 2009 13.2
6.5 February 24, 1965 16.5
7.1 March 29, 1964 18.0
8.8 January 19, 1963 22.4
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