You asked: When did Barbados last have a hurricane?

When was the last time Barbados had a hurricane?

August 3, 2012 – Hurricane Ernesto passes 35 mi (56 km) northwest of Barbados, though despite its proximity, brings generally minimal effects to the island. August 18, 2017 – Hurricane Harvey made landfall as a storm.

How many times has Barbados been hit by a hurricane?

Between 1627, when Barbados was colonised, and 1899, 23 hurricanes directly affected Barbados, caused billions of dollars in damage (at today’s prices), killed thousands, and destroyed the economy on more than one occasion.

Does Barbados ever hurricane?

The official hurricane season in Barbados runs from June to November, although most storms occur from August to late October (as the locals say, ”June is too soon; by October it’s all over!”). … If you’re visiting Barbados during the hurricane season the odds are still excellent that you’ll have a storm-free vacation.

When was hurricane Janet in Barbados?

Hit on the 23rd September 1955 and leveled the area with 115mph winds. 122 persons died. The storm caused fatalities in Barbados numbered 38 and in the Grenadines 122.

How hot is Barbados in January?

Averages The average high in capital Bridgetown is 28ºC in January, so it’s perfect for some winter sun. Things stay nice and warm in the evenings, which only cool to 21ºC. The sea temperature is 27ºC, while humidity’s high.

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How hot is Barbados in August?

Barbados has a constant temperature throughout the year, averaging 28 to 31 C in the day and almost never hotter , and between around 22 to 26 c at night, so August is really no hotter in the day than it is now, but is usually more humid and less breezy especially if a Tropical Storm or Hurricane is out in the Atlantic …