You asked: Why are there more cyclones in eastern coast of India?

Why does eastern coast of India experience frequent cyclones as compared to the western coast?

More cyclones are formed in the Bay of Bengal than Arabian Sea due to wind patterns (that keep oceans cooler on the western side). … Storms formed on the eastern coast, however, are more intense and since states on that side have relatively flatter topography compared to the western coast they can’t deflect the winds.

Where do cyclones mostly occur in India?

On average around 2 to 4 tropical cyclones impact India every year, while most of these tropical cyclones impact the east coast of Indian states of West Bengal, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu.

Why more cyclones in Arabian Sea this year?

Surface temperatures in the Arabian Sea have increased rapidly during the past century due to global warming. … These warmer temperatures support active convection, heavy rainfall, and intense cyclones. The rising temperature is also enabling the Arabian Sea to supply ample energy for the intensification of cyclones.

Why eastern coast has more cyclones?

Cyclones in the Bay of Bengal can be attributed to the vast low pressure created by the warm water of the ocean. … Additionally, the Bay of Bengal gets more rainfall with sluggish winds and warm air currents around it that keep temperatures relatively high all year.

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Why do cyclones form on the East coast?

On the eastern coast, the shape of the land around the Bay of Bengal ensures that the winds are slower and weaker over the ocean. … Since, the Bay of Bengal receives high average rainfall, the possibility of cyclone formation is also high.

Which coast is more prone to cyclone?

These cyclones have very high wind velocity and heavy rainfall and hit the Indian Coastal states. Although cyclones affect the entire coast of India, the East coast is more prone as compared to the West coast. The most affected states are Odisha, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Where do cyclones mostly occur?

Tropical cyclone

The main source of energy for tropical cyclones is the warm oceans in the tropical regions. To initiate a tropical cyclone the sea-surface temperature generally needs to be above 26.5 °C. However, existing cyclones often persist as they move over cooler waters.

What is the name of the cyclone that hit eastern coast of India?

Cyclone Gulab became the third cyclone of the 21st century to make landfall over the east coast in September, after tropical cyclone Daye in 2018 and Pyarr in 2005.