Your question: How much damage did the Woodward tornado cause?

How long did the Woodward tornado last?

1947 Glazier–Higgins–Woodward tornadoes

Max. rating1 F5 tornado
Duration of tornado outbreak2 ≥3–5? hours
Casualties ≥ 181 fatalities, ≥ 980 injuries
Damage +$10.5 million
Areas affected Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas

How much damage did the biggest tornado cause?

2011 Joplin tornado

EF5 tornado
Highest winds > 200 mph (320 km/h)
Max. rating1 EF5 tornado
Casualties 158 direct fatalities (+8-9 indirect), 1,150 injuries
Damage $2.8 billion (2011 USD) (Costliest tornado in U.S. history) $3.22 billion (2021 USD)

How much damage did the Oklahoma tornado cause?

The Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management reported that 25 people were killed (with another death indirectly attributed to the tornado). An estimated 1,150 homes were destroyed, resulting in an estimated $2 billion in damages. The number of injured was 377.

Does Norman OK get tornadoes?

NORMAN, Okla. —

The National Weather Service confirmed that a tornado that hit overnight and caused damage to several homes in Norman was an EF1. Residents got a better look Wednesday morning at the damage that occurred as a result of the storm, including a nearby barn that had its roof ripped off.

Has there ever been an ef6 tornado?

In reality, there is no such thing as an F6 tornado. When Dr. Fujita developed the F scale, he created a scale that ranges from F0 to F12, with estimated F12 winds up to mach 1 (the speed of sound).

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Which state has the most EF5 tornadoes?

The state of Alabama is tied for the most reported F5 tornadoes. For the period 1950 to 2006, three hundred and fifty eight people were killed by tornadoes in Alabama, ranking the state third nationwide behind Texas (521) and neighboring Mississippi (404).