Your question: Where is the coolest weather in NC?

What part of North Carolina has the best weather year-round?

The city with the best weather in North Carolina is Charlotte. In fact, the weather in Charlotte is enjoyable year-round. Charlotte has great seasons, average daily temperatures that do not fluctuate much throughout the day. The days of sun in Charlotte are above the national average.

What town in North Carolina has the best weather?

In my opinion, the Asheville-Hendersonville area has the most comfortable year-round climate in the state. The average annual temperature at Southport, NC on the lower coast is nearly as high as that of interior northern Florida, while the average on the summit of Mount Mitchell is lower than that of Buffalo, New York.

Which area in NC has the coldest climate?

The coldest ever recorded temperature in North Carolina was −34 °F (−37 °C) on January 21, 1985, at Mount Mitchell.

What is the sunniest part of North Carolina?

Number of Sunny Days

City Sunny Total Days With Sun
Asheville 99 212
Cape Hatteras 109 210
Charlotte 109 214
Greensboro 109 216

Is Asheville NC humid in summer?

Asheville resides in a climate known as a “subtropical climate,” meaning it experiences relatively high humidity during the summer months, and nice, mild winters.

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Is it very humid in North Carolina?

A dewpoint over 70°F is very moist. In the southeast half of the U.S. in the summer months, this is a common value.

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State North Carolina
Average RH 70.6%
RH Rank 23
Average Dew Point 50.4°F
Dew Point Rank 10

Where is coolest summer in NC?

Beech Mountain, North Carolina

At 5,506 feet, Beech Mountain tops the list as the coolest town in North Carolina and the highest resort area in eastern North America. While it is a popular destination in the summertime, the town is small and doesn’t offer the breadth of things to see as in Highlands and Blowing Rock.

Where should I go for summer vacation in NC?

10 Best Places to Take a Summer Vacation in North Carolina –

  • Nags Head. During the summer months, the Outer Banks area wakes up after a long winter. …
  • Raleigh. …
  • Ashevile. …
  • Ocracoke Island. …
  • Cherokee. …
  • Charlotte. …
  • Chapel Hill. …
  • Chimney Rock.

What are the summers like in North Carolina?

North Carolina has a humid, sub-tropical climate, with short, mild winters and sultry summers. Heavy rainfall is experienced in the mountains and Mt Mitchell receives an average winter snowfall of 127cm (50 inches).