Are tornado hunters real?

Is chasing tornadoes a real job?

Storm chasing is a highly valued job, and the field itself is highly reputable. This is because storm chasing allows for data to be collected on winds and storms, which can prove valuable for weather forecasts and predicting weather patterns. This is considered important fieldwork.

What happened to the tornado hunters?

Produced by Original Media, the program follows several teams of storm chasers as they attempt to intercept tornadoes in Tornado Alley in the United States. The show was canceled at the end of its 5th season by Discovery Communications on January 21, 2012.

What do tornado hunters do?

Storm chasers do exactly what it sounds like: they chase storms. These people chase various types of weather events, from tornadoes to thunderstorms, running after them with their equipment, tracking, recording and saving information they gather along the way.

Do storm spotters get paid?

The salaries of Storm Chasers in the US range from $12,621 to $339,998 , with a median salary of $61,444 . The middle 57% of Storm Chasers makes between $61,444 and $154,274, with the top 86% making $339,998.

What was the worst year for tornadoes?

The infamous 1974 Super Outbreak of April 3–4, 1974, which spawned 148 confirmed tornadoes across eastern North America, held the record for the most prolific tornado outbreak for many years, both in terms of overall number of tornadoes and in violent, long-track tornadoes (7 F5 and 23 F4 tornadoes).

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