Best answer: What year Cyclone Tracy hit Darwin?

What areas did Cyclone Tracy effect?

Cyclone Tracy

Category 4 severe tropical cyclone (Aus scale)
Lowest pressure 950 hPa (mbar); 28.05 inHg
Fatalities 71
Damage $645.35 million (1974 USD)
Areas affected Tiwi Islands, Northern Territory

How long did it take Darwin to recover from Cyclone Tracy?

In the aftermath of the cyclone, it became apparent that Darwin needed extensive rebuilding. The Commonwealth established the Darwin Reconstruction Commission, which was tasked with the responsibility of reconstructing the city in fewer than five years. This was in fact accomplished in fewer than three years.

Was Cyclone Tracy a Category 5?

And while Tracy was reported as a category four cyclone, some meteorologists today believe it may have been a category five shortly before it made landfall. At midnight on Christmas Day wind gusts greater than 100 kilometres per hour began to be recorded.

What was the population of Darwin in 1974?

The population decreased by about 15 000, from about 105 000 people in June 1974 to about 90 000 in June 1975. The population of Darwin went from an estimated 46 700 to 25 700 in the same period (and included Cyclone Tracy evacuees who stated they were away from Darwin for less than six months).

Why was Cyclone Tracy so destructive?

The damaging impacts of Cyclone Tracy were the result of a ‘direct hit’ on Darwin. Damage to buildings was worsened because Tracy was a slow moving storm resulting in extended periods of exposure to high winds. … The community, government and emergency management team did very little to prepare for Cyclone Tracy.

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How much did Cyclone Tracy cost?

Cyclone Tracy killed 71 people and caused A$837 million in damage (equivalent to around A$4.45 billion in 2014 value). Approximately 30,000 of Darwin’s residents were evacuated, mostly to Adelaide and Sydney, and many never returned to the city.