Can I be forced to work during a hurricane?

Can my job force me to work during a hurricane?

OSHA and the NLRA both give employees the right to refuse to work in conditions they believe are unsafe. The employees must have a reasonable, good-faith belief that working would be unsafe, but the law protects them even if they’re honestly mistaken about the danger.

Can you get fired for evacuating during a hurricane?

Like so many other questions during an emergency, the answer likely is: “good judgment.” There are no specific OSHA regulations requiring for employees to stay or evacuate during a hurricane. … During a hurricane, that may mean evacuating employees from the facility in order to keep the workplace and employees safe.

Do you have to work during a natural disaster?

Exempt Employees

If you are an exempt employee under the FLSA, your employer is required to pay you for time that the workplace is closed due to a natural disaster.

Are you required to work during a tropical storm?

A: Yes, if you are a salaried employee (and don’t get overtime) and your place of business is closed because of the hurricane for less than a week. According to the new Department of Labor opinion, employers can ask workers to use vacation time, which can include personal days, even if the workplace is closed.

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Can your employer fire you during a national emergency?

You can be fired for any reason no matter how bizarre, other than discrimination. When a State of Emergency is declared, all governmental agencies are forced to close.

Should I go to work during a flash flood warning?

When a flash flood warning is issued:

If advised to evacuate, do so immediately. Get out of work areas that are subject to flooding like storm sewers, tunnels and basements. Move to an area of higher elevation before access is cut off. Do not drive if not necessary.

How do you communicate with employees during a disaster?

Use a variety of communication channels to provide information and updates such as bulletin boards, intranet pages, and e-mail. Reiterate policies on flexible working arrangements, including telecommuting and staggered shifts. Alert employees of any policy changes regarding business travel.

How many hours is an employer obligated to pay an hourly paid employee who works a partial week because the employer’s business closed?

A. Your employer is required to pay you two hours of reporting time pay. Since you worked only one hour, which is less than half your scheduled day’s work, your employer is required to pay you for half the usual or scheduled day’s work, but in no event for less than two hours nor more than four hours.

Does FMLA cover natural disasters?

The FMLA does not, in itself, require employers to give employees time off to attend to personal matters arising out of a natural disaster, such as cleaning a flood-damaged basement, salvaging belongings or searching for missing relatives. …

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