Do spinnerbaits work in winter?

Are spinnerbaits good for cold weather?

Bass fishing spinnerbaits are one of the most tried and true bass fishing lures in existence. Because they’re traditionally associated with spring or fall fishing, a lot of us forget about this lure in the winter. With the proper modifications, however, these lures can be highly effective throughout the colder months.

What season is best for spinnerbaits?

Here’s the quick answer: Spinnerbaits can be used to catch fish all year round, but are most effective during spring and fall, when bass are feeding on schools of shad in shallow water. The best days to use spinnerbaits are cloudy days, windy days with choppy water, or any time with muddy water.

What are the best baits to use in the winter?

10 of the best baits for winter fishing

  1. Salt. The addition of salt to baits is a great attractor at any time of year, but it really comes into its own during cooler conditions when you want to create a small area of maximum attraction. …
  2. Bread. …
  3. Chocolate malt. …
  4. Maggots. …
  5. Spices. …
  6. Paste. …
  7. Lecithin and alcohol. …
  8. Corn.

Are spinnerbaits good in early spring?

However, the spinnerbait is one of the best early spring bass fishing lures on any lake. Actually, they are great for any season but early spring is one of the best times to utilize the effectiveness of a spinnerbait. Spinnerbaits can be fished several ways at different retrieves to trigger strikes.

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How fast should I reel in a spinnerbait?

Spinnerbaits, jerkbaits, swimming jigs, topwaters and most other baits are best served with a medium speed reel. When I’m spinnerbaiting, for example, 5:1 is just too slow for anything but slow-rolling, and 7:1 is too fast — you have to slow down just to keep your bait in the water. A medium gear ratio is just right.

Do spinnerbaits work in clear water?

So long as the water is clear and the bass are holding on isolated targets, a spinnerbait has a good chance of working. It all comes down to presentation — that, and having just the right spinnerbait.

Do spinnerbaits work year round?

Spinnerbaits are often referred to as “the most versatile” lure because they can be fished in nearly any condition, year ’round. They can be fished in winter, summer, fall, spring, hot water, cold water, muddy water and even clear water; from just under the surface to as deep as you want to fish it.