Do you think it rains over the ocean?

Do you think it rains over the oceans?

Yes it rains on oceans. Explanation: Because there is no place on earth where it dosent rain.

Does it rain saltwater over the ocean?

It’s true that the moisture from tropical storms and hurricanes comes from the oceans (when they are over oceans), but the water from their rainfall is fresh, as it is from all weather systems. This is so because only water evaporates from the oceans — pure water and nothing else.

What happens in the ocean when it rains?

We observe that rainfall suppresses long waves and grows centimeter-scale ring waves. This alteration facilitates the acceleration of current, which ceases in favor of longer wave growth as the rain subsides. This is the first observation of this phenomenon in the Earth’s real ocean.

How much rain falls over the ocean?

~96.5% of the world’s water is held in the oceans. ~90% of evaporated ocean water leads to precipitation over the oceans. ~77% of precipitation falls over the ocean.

What do you think happens when it rains out at sea does the rainwater and seawater mix straight away?

Saltwater is denser than fresh water because of its salt content. When it rains the freshwater reduces the saltiness of the saltwater on the surface. … The minerals in rocks are eroded by flowing water and combine with the water which eventually enters earthʼs oceans.

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Do you think rain at the beach is salty?

But over time, as rain fell to the Earth and ran over the land, breaking up rocks and transporting their minerals to the ocean, the ocean has become saltier. Rain replenishes freshwater in rivers and streams, so they don’t taste salty.

How is rainwater different from sea water?

➡➡ Rainwater is the pure form of water whereas sea water is not the pure form of water.. … ➡➡ Rainwater consist of some minerals where sea water does not consist of any mineral… ➡➡The water be obtained from rain is known as rain water and rain water makes the sea..