Does Tahiti have tsunamis?

Does Tahiti get natural disasters?

A state of natural disaster has been declared in French Polynesia after heavy rain hit Tahiti and Moorea. There has been no loss of life from the flooding but substantial damage to homes and infrastructure.

Is Bora Bora at risk of tsunami?

In Bora Bora, natural disasters are of moderate concern, particularly tsunamis. The island’s location in the middle of the Pacific Ocean leaves it vulnerable to tidal waves whenever there’s an earthquake in places as far away as Samoa or even Chile.

How safe is Tahiti?

Tahiti is a safe place for tourists. Generally speaking, there are only a couple of dangers to watch out for: pickpockets in Pape’ete and moray eels in the coral reefs on scuba dives. Most visitors soon discover that Tahiti is warm and welcoming to foreigners.

What natural disasters happen in French Polynesia?

French Polynesia is located in an active earthquake area. Tropical storms including cyclones can occur between the months of November and April. You should monitor local and international weather updates from the World Meteorological Organisation and follow the advice of the local authorities.

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