Frequent question: How would you describe a winter storm?

How would you describe a snow storm?

A snowstorm is a very heavy fall of snow, usually when there is also a strong wind blowing at the same time.

What is a adjective for snowstorm?

heavy, blinding, severe, big, first, great, violent, terrible, sudden, major, early, fierce, bad, worst, late, furious, huge, terrific, unexpected, thick, real, tremendous, wild, heaviest, cold, recent, miniature, biggest, wet, day, fearful, massive, bitter, dense, unseasonable, rare, regular, light, impending, …

What is snow storm called?

/ˈsnoʊ.stɔːrm/ a heavy fall of snow that is blown by strong winds. Synonym. blizzard.

What are the three forms of winter storms?

A winter storm is an event in which the main types of precipitation are snow, sleet or freezing rain.

How do you call a snow storm?


  1. cloudburst,
  2. hailstorm,
  3. ice storm,
  4. rainsquall,
  5. rainstorm,
  6. snow squall,
  7. thundershower,
  8. thunderstorm,

How would you describe cold weather?

Cold; chilly. ARCTIC [ahrk-tik] –adjective. Extremely cold, frigid. BITING [bahy-ting] –adjective.

How do you describe wind?

Here are some adjectives for wind: yon ill, strong east, vehement east, brisk east, bitter east, black east, steady east, cold east, severe and bitterly cold, thick solar, brawny solar, raw east, strong sheer, pitiless east, eternal off-shore, sharp east, sick, warm, remorseless east, cruel east, keen east, ceaseless …

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How are ice storms named or classified?

The accumulations of ice are classified according to the impact they have. They are classified as nuisance, disruptive, and crippling. During a nuisance ice storm event, less than ¼ of an inch of ice accumulates. … Disruptive ice storms are typically an ice accumulation of ¼ of an inch to ½ of an inch.