Frequent question: Is snow on the mountain plant a perennial?

Does snow on the mountain reseed?

This plant spreads by reseeding itself. Cultivation: The preference is full sun, mesic to dry conditions, and any well-drained soil. Most growth and development occurs during the summer. This plant has good tolerance to drought.

Should I cut back all my perennials for winter?

No. Although it’s recommended to leave them in place until spring, perennials will usually survive if cut back. … Some perennials, like mums, always winter best with tops left in place. When leaving perennial tops intact during winter, cut them back in spring before new growth emerges from ground level.

Do deer like snow on mountain plants?

This plant has a rampant growth habit and should be isolated by paving or deep barriers or planted in deep pots sunk into the ground so it cannot spread. Frosty green and white variegated leaves are topped with white lacy flowers. shade tolerant and deer and rabbit resistant.

Is snow on the mountain plant deer resistant?

6. Snow on the Mountain or Bishop Weed. This deer-resistant plant is great in mass plantings and its variegated foliage adds a lot of visual interest. It requires no care other than trimming it back.

What is perennial snow?

snow that persists on the ground year after year.

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How do I get rid of snow-on-the-mountain in my garden?


  1. Mow or cut the snow-on-the-mountain in spring just after the plants fully emerge.
  2. Cover the entire plot, including about 6 inches around the border, with thick, black plastic sheeting. …
  3. Leave the plastic in place throughout the summer to block the light from the plants and kill the roots.