Frequent question: What color is the weather ball?

What does it mean if the weather ball is red?

The color represents the forecast. As the jingle goes, “When the Weather Ball is red, warmer temperatures ahead. When the Weather Ball is blue, colder temperatures are due. … When Weather Ball blinks in agitation there’ll be precipitation.”

How old is the weather ball in Grand Rapids?

The original weatherball, installed in 1967 was a a 64-ton, 125-foot-tall structure perched on top of the Michigan National Bank building in downtown Grand Rapids. The colors it displayed were representative of the coming weather pattern.

Does weather ball get stab?

Weather Ball will receive STAB where appropriate – for example by Vanilluxe during a hailstorm, or Castform during sun, rain or hail since it transforms into the appropriate type. … (Other weather conditions don’t receive any type boost.)

Who is leaving Wzzm?

My West Michigan host/WZZM-TV (Grand Rapids) 13 on your Side Anchor Jennifer Pascua has announced that she is leaving the station to write a new chapter in her life story.

What’s on WZZM 13 tonight?


Time TV Show
7:30 pm College Football Countdown
7:37 pm College Football TCU at Oklahoma
11:00 pm WZZM 13 News @ 11pm
11:35 pm Major Crimes Sanctuary City: Part 5 – Season 6 Episode 5
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