Frequent question: When was the last hail storm in San Antonio?

When was the last time hailed in San Antonio?

On the evening of April 12, 2016, a supercell thunderstorm produced a large swath of giant hail in excess of 101 mm (4 in.) across the northern portions of the city of San Antonio. This storm produced over $1.6 billion in insured losses which broke the record for the costliest hail storm in Texas history.

When did it hail in San Antonio 2021?

05/03/2021 Hail Reports

Date City
Details 05/03/2021 8:03 P san antonio
hail up to one inch reported near i-35 and division. (ewx)
Details 05/03/2021 8:00 P san antonio
twitter report: menchaca and nw 29th. (ewx)

Why is hail so common in Texas?

Perfect Conditions for Damaging Hail in Texas

Thunderstorms also require moisture, which in Texas is provided consistently from the Gulf Coast. With this moisture and unstable hot-and-cold and wet-and-dry conditions, springtime hail is inevitable.

What is Gorilla hail?

The so-called “gorilla” hail (term coined by storm chaser Reed Timmer) damaged multiple vehicles with dents and destroyed windshields. … The satellite’s high-resolution imagery provides optimal viewing of severe weather events, including thunderstorms, tropical storms, and hurricanes.

Does insurance cover hail damage?

Does car insurance cover hail damage? Auto insurance will usually cover hail damage as long as you have comprehensive coverage as part of your policy. Comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle from damages that occurred from events other than a collision. Damage caused by hail would be one of those.

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Is there hail in Boerne Texas?

The Boerne, TX area has had 25 reports of on-the-ground hail by trained spotters, and has been under severe weather warnings 25 times during the past 12 months. Doppler radar has detected hail at or near Boerne, TX on 46 occasions, including 6 occasions during the past year.