How can I play golf better in the rain?

Is it worth playing golf in the rain?

Rain cools the air down, meaning you won’t sweat as much, and you’ll be able to grip your clubs better. Particularly in summer, cooler conditions should always be welcome.

Is it harder to play golf in wet conditions?

Wet surfaces have a tendency to slow down the green speed, which also reduces the amount of break. Because of this you’ll need to hit your putts a little harder and factor in less movement.

Does rain cancel golf?

Golf courses often close when it rains. The rain will have to be significant, and it will have to be creating puddles on the fairways and the greens. The golf course closing usually happens in steps. … Golf courses can become seriously damaged when they are played in poor weather conditions.

Which golfer plays best in rain?

1. Tom Watson. Tom Watson is not just one of the greatest players of all time, but he is also a great person. Watson has long been a fan favorite because of his calm demeanor, his respect for the game, and his dedication to charity.

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