How fast was Hurricane Rita moving at landfall?

How fast was Hurricane Rita traveling?

Rita was the 17th named tropical cyclone for the 2005 season. Forming September 17th, it grew into the Gulf of Mexico’s second Category 5 hurricane by September 21st. Rita maximum sustained wind speed of 175 mph (282 km/h) occurred during the early morning hours of September 22.

How high was Hurricane Rita storm surge?

Rita also produced storm surge, generally 4-7 ft based on gage data and a high water mark observation, in coastal areas of southeastern Louisiana, flooding some areas that had already been impacted by the surge from Hurricane Katrina about one month earlier.

Was Hurricane Rita worse than Katrina?

Less than a month after Katrina, another powerful storm formed in the Gulf of Mexico. Making landfall at Johnson’s Bayou as a Category 3 storm, Rita led to more damage and flooding into a region that had been devastated by Katrina. The storm caused $23 billion in damage.

What was Hurricane Laura wind speed at landfall?

Continuing west-northwestward, Laura then moved just south of, and roughly parallel to, the island of Cuba on 24 August with little change in intensity. Around 0000 UTC 25 August, the storm made landfall in the Pinar del Rio province of western Cuba with maximum winds near 55 kt.

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