How long does winter last in Nepal?

Does Nepal have 4 seasons?

Nepal has five seasons: spring, summer, monsoon, autumn and winter. … The Kathmandu Valley has a pleasant climate with average summer temperatures of 20°C – 35°C and 2°C – 12°C in winter. Average temperatures in Nepal drop 6°C for every 1,000 m you gain in altitude.

How many winters are there in Nepal?

Winter season in Nepal

Nepal enjoys winter season during December-February. The temperature reaches almost the freezing point during these months, while hilly regions experience rough weather and heavy snowfall. Locally, seasons in Nepal is also categorized into 6 divides. Each lasting 2 months.

Which is the coldest day of the year in Nepal?

Extreme minimum temperature so far recorded by the MFD was minus 3.5 degrees Celsius on January 11, 1978. The Valley recorded the lowest temperature after Jumla (minus 8.7 degrees Celsius).

What is Nepal winter?

Shishir Ritu, Winter Nepal’s winter season, starts in Magh and ends in Falgun month of the Nepali calendar. According to the English calendar, it falls from mid-January to mid-April. This season of Shishir Ritu is the coldest season of the all seasonal year of Nepal.

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