How many inches of snow did Houston get in 2017?

What is the most snow Houston has had?

The 4.4 inches were the highest amount of snow in Houston since the record-setting storm of 1895, which dumped a whopping 20 inches of snow in Houston on Valentine’s Day.

How many times did it snow in Houston?

While this weekend’s winter storm in Texas might not dump the white stuff on the Bayou City, the city is no stranger to dealing with copious amounts of snow. In fact, since 1881, it has snowed 94 times in Houston.

Will it snow in Houston 2021?

Annual Weather Summary

Snowfall will be near normal, with the best chances for snow in early and late January, mainly in the north. April and May will be warmer than normal, with rainfall below normal in the north and above normal in the south.

When did Texas get snow 2021?

A Snow-Covered Texas. GeoColor satellite image from the morning of 15 February, 2021. An unprecedented and historical eight-day period of winter weather occurred between 10 February and 18 February across South-Central Texas.

Has Houston ever had a white Christmas?

The Great Christmas Eve Snow Storm (2004)

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A rare and record breaking snowfall occurred Christmas Eve into early Christmas morning across south and southeast Texas. For the first time ever, some areas experienced their first white Christmas. The snow line ran from Cotulla to Cuero to Sugar Land to Winnie.

What is the richest part of Houston?

Detailed List Of The Richest Neighborhoods In Houston For 2021

Rank Neighborhood Median Household Income<
1 West University $165,516
2 Greater Memorial $143,470
3 Rice $131,929
4 River Oaks $130,337

What part of Texas got snow?

The north and west regions of the state of Texas have lower temperatures than other regions, so that’s where the bulk of the snowfall happens in the state. The southern and central regions get snowfall, but it is not too common.

When did it snow in Houston in the 1980s?

REMEMBER WHEN: Houston got a surprise snow on Feb 2, 1980.

Why did Texas get snow?

Climate change makes storms worse and more unpredictable. Global warming and higher temperatures lead to increased evaporation. Eventually, this increased evaporation leads to increased precipitation. At certain times, when temperatures are cold enough, this precipitation is snowfall.

How many times has it snowed in Texas history?

On December 14 and 15, 1983, the snow that fell on northern Texas lasted well into 1984. It snowed three times, dropping 2 inches on Jan. 11, 1.4 inches on Feb. 9-10, and 1.4 inches on Feb.