How many times did make it rain come out?

When was the last time make it rain came out?

It was last seen in the Item Shop on July 9th, 2021.

What is make it rain mean?

Make it rain originates as a slang term for throwing out lots of cash to dancers in strip clubs, as if money is raining down on them. … To make it rain, then, has come to mean popularly “to earn lots of money” or “to make something very successful.”

When was the last time infinite DAB was in the item shop?

It was last seen in the Item Shop on September 12th, 2021. This emote is a looping version of Dab with different music.

Was rowdy rebel in jail for make it rain?

The song features vocals from rapper Rowdy Rebel, whose verse was recorded over a phone, as he was in jail at the time.

What album is make it rain on?

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