How much rain falls over the ocean?

Does it rain more over the ocean or land?

The oceans receive just over their share, percentage-wise, of the world’s precipitation, about 70 percent. The remaining 30 percent of precipitation falls on the continents. Some areas of the world receive far more precipitation than others.

Does rain fall on the ocean?

But it does matter, in part because the ocean is salty. … It also matters because rainfall and evaporation are not evenly distributed across and among ocean basins—some regions continuously gain water while others continuously lose it.

How much water falls back as rain in the water cycle?

Since the oceans contain about 97 percent of Earth’s surface water, they make the biggest contribution to evaporation. Most of that water rains back into the oceans — only about 10 percent of it falls on the land.

Can it snow over the ocean?

The short answer is yes– there is such a thing as marine snow and snow on the ocean, but it’s not the snow you’re thinking of when you build a snowman or go skiing. … But not all of the marine snow makes it to the ocean floor.

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What would Earth be like if ocean water did not move?

If ocean water did not move, Earth would be hot in the equatorial region and frigid in the polar regions. The temperature would track much more with latitude than it does.

Is rain over the ocean salty?

Rain is only marginally salty above oceans. It mainly consists of small amounts of sat which evaporate together with the water of the oceans. But most salt in the ocean is the result of rainwater washing down minerals from the shores of the ocean and taking them inside the water.

Is precipitation same as rain?

Precipitation is water released from clouds in the form of rain, freezing rain, sleet, snow, or hail. It is the primary connection in the water cycle that provides for the delivery of atmospheric water to the Earth. Most precipitation falls as rain.

What percent of rain falls on land?

falls on the land compared to falling on the oceans? 13 percent 22 percent 35 percent 48 percent Although land makes up about 30% of the. precipitation. Only about 22% is transported over land to fall as rain or snow there. SPOT CHECKING.