Is Thailand rebuilt after the tsunami?

Has Thailand recovered from the tsunami?

Phuket, Thailand

In addition to locals, many tourists died as a result of the disaster. Other areas besides Phuket that were affected by the tsunami were Krabi, Ranong, Satun, Trang and Phang Nga. Phuket has since fully recovered and is still a popular destination for foreign tourists.

How long did it take to clean up Thailand after the tsunami?

The results of these efforts are remarkable. Within five years, individuals were back in homes they owned, often on their original land, in communities with new schools and in many cases improved infrastructure.

How much did it cost to rebuild after the 2004 tsunami in Thailand?

The disaster generated a massive aid and reconstruction program, with around 463 non-government organisations and agencies spending around $7.5 billion. This made post-tsunami Aceh one of the largest reconstruction projects in the developing world. Australian donors and the government gave more than $1 billion.

Is Aceh a country?

listen)), formerly Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, is the northernmost and westernmost province-level division of Indonesia. It is located at the tip of Sumatra, with Banda Aceh being its capital and largest city.


show Aceh
Province status 7 December 1956
Capital and largest city Banda Aceh
• Type Special Region
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Was there any warning before the 2004 tsunami?

The disaster hit without warning. Many of the hundreds of people who died when a tsunami struck the Indonesian coast Saturday night were nowhere near shelter. Quite simply, they had no idea it was coming.

What is the biggest tsunami ever?