Question: Is it safe to be in a forest during a thunderstorm?

Is it safe to walk in a forest during a thunderstorm?

It’s safest to find the lowest open ground rather than taking shelter in caves or under trees – these will put you at risk if struck by lightning, as the lightning takes the quickest route to the ground. Ideally crouch or sit on the ground and aim to ensure that there is higher ground above you.

What do you do in a thunderstorm in a forest?

Stay sheltered until at least 30 minutes after you hear the last clap of thunder. Stay low when outdoors – lightning hits the tallest object. Get off elevated areas such as hills, mountain ridges, or peaks. If caught in an open field, seek a low spot and crouch with your feet together and head low.

Where is it safe to go outside during a thunderstorm forest?

If you are outside, move towards shelter immediately. Seek shelter in enclosed buildings. Rain shelters, small sheds, pavilions/picnic shelters, porches and open vehicles are NOT safe (NWS). Tents do not protect you from lightning.

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Which places are not safe during a thunderstorm?


  • travelling in an open place.
  • standing under tall trees in open fields or in garden/parks.
  • staying in multistoryed building which don’t have lightning conductor.
  • standing near electric poles or telephone poles.
  • speaking on landline telephone.
  • using electric appliances like T.V and radio.

Is it safe to stand under a tree during lightning?

Fact: Sheltering under a tree is just about the worst thing you can do. If lightning does hit the tree, there’s the chance that a “ground charge” will spread out from the tree in all directions. Being underneath a tree is the second leading cause of lightning casualties.

How do you survive a tornado in a forest?

To survive a tornado in the wilderness you need to learn the warning signs of an approaching tornado and the best places to take shelter as well as where to avoid. Generally, stick to low areas and avoid open fields or being close to trees. Never take shelter in a mobile home or an unsecured building.

Is it safe to sleep upstairs during a thunderstorm?

Fact: Lying flat increases your chance of being affected by potentially deadly ground current. If you are caught outside in a thunderstorm, you keep moving toward a safe shelter.

What to do if you are caught in a thunderstorm while hiking?

Assuming you are on a hike away from buildings when a lightning storm catches up with you, use these lightning safety guidelines:

  1. Do NOT seek shelter under a picnic shelter, lone tree, or other object to keep you dry. …
  2. Come down from high places. …
  3. Seek shelter in a low stand of trees.
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Is it safe to walk in a thunderstorm with an umbrella?

Using an umbrella in a thunderstorm slightly increases your odds of being struck. If your hair stands on end during a storm, that’s a bad sign. It means positive charge is building up around you and your chances of being struck are extremely high.