Quick Answer: Do pike feed after heavy rain?

Is pike fishing good after rain?

You can find plenty of pike in the shallows feeding on bait fish during the rain, but don’t rule out the deep water bite as well, especially during the summer and fall. Bright colors and flashy lures tend to work better in the rain because of the low light conditions.

Does pike bite after a storm?

Pike are out looking to eat. When the rain starts, pike will continue to bite and fishing can be still pretty good. I have experienced so-so results myself during rain. After rain is probably going to be the worst time to be fishing.

Is fishing good after heavy rain?

Following rain events, fish often display more docile behavior and feeding activity slows way down. Fishing can still be productive after rain and a storm-system but you will need to slow your approach way down. Fish will be less committing to striking food so good lure selection will be more important.

What lures after heavy rain?

When bass fishing after a rain storm, consider using lures that create a lot of vibration to help grab their attention. These include rattling crankbaits, chatterbaits and Colorado-bladed spinnerbaits. Creeks may raise or lower temperatures near the mouth.

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Are pike active in rain?

Weather definitely affects pike,” says In-Fisherman Field Editor Matt Straw. “In summer, the fishing can be good when a long-term rainy front parks itself for a while and brings consistent winds. Even shorter-lived rains and storms can turn fish on.”

What colors do pike see best?

Pike are visual feeders, and tend to be attracted to bright colors. Use high-visibility colors like white, chartreuse, and bright orange. They also respond well to baits that put off lots of vibration or sound.

Do pike like cold fronts?

Cold fronts don’t affect northern pike nearly as much as other species of fish. Unless it is a drastic cold front, you can expect to catch northern pike in similar areas and on similar baits that you were using to catch them before the front.

Where do pike go in the winter?

For now, they should be shallow. In river backwaters, reservoirs and flowages, stump fields, shallow bays and river channels hold big pike all winter long. often prowl the periphery of panfish schools.

Are pike active in cold water?

However, fishing for pike in cold water is not the easiest of challenges: Fish are much less active and mobile now than they are during the warmer months of the year, as their metabolism adapts to the lower water temperature and slows down.

How do you fish after lake rain?

Try These Tips

  1. ​Try Fishing Near The Creeks. ​After a heavy rain storm there may be more water flowing into your lake or pond from the creeks. …
  2. ​Look Shallow In A Rising Lake. …
  3. ​Look For Muddy Water. …
  4. ​Try Spinnerbaits.
  5. ​Topwater Lures For Warm Weather.
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Is it better to fish before or after a storm?

As for the fishing aspect of things, fishing before a storm can be very productive. … Fish can feel the change in barometric pressure. The change in pressure can usually trigger a bite.

Is fishing in the rain good or bad?

Rain will cool the water, restore some oxygen and create lower visibility for fishes, so they can’t see you and your fishing equipment. Rain can make the water very muddy and “dense”. As rain carries living creatures into water, it can also carry large amounts of mud. Those conditions are not desirable for fishing.