Quick Answer: What does the poet Walt Whitman convey through his poem The Voice of the rain?

What is conveyed by the poet in the poem The Voice of the Rain?

Answer Expert Verified. The message the poem ‘The Voice of the Rain’ gives to the readers is the message of giving back to our source or origin. The rain receives life from the earth and its water bodies. It rises from the earth and forms into clouds in the sky; finally it falls back to the earth and its water bodies.

What does the poet Walt Whitman wish to convey in the voice of rain?

Ans. The poet wants to convey the birth, growth, change and finally the blessings of rain. It is water that turns into clouds, wanders in the sky, takes on strange shapes, but finally in the form of water returns to the earth.

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What does the poet want to convey in the poem The Voice of the Rain Analyse it in your own words?

In “The Voice of the Rain,” the speaker listens to the personified figure of the rain liken itself to poetry. Describing each stage of the water cycle, the poem pays homage to the restorative power of the natural world and claims that poetry nourishes humanity just as rain nourishes the earth.

What is the theme of the poem The Voice of the Rain?

The poem ,” The Voice of The Rain ” is written by Walt Whitman . The major theme of the poem “The Voice of the Rain” can be the fulfilment possible through the cycle of creation, be it the cyclic creation of life and freshness by the rain or the creation of a poem by a poet.

What is the message that Walt Whitman wants to give to the readers through the poem?

Answer: The poet has given a wonderful and insightful message. The poet in his poem tells the readers that animals are far more contented and wiser than the human beings. According to him animals are calm, placid, and self-contained.

What message does the poet give to the reader?

We should strive to keep human values alive. We should keep our desires and hatred to check. Desire can be controlled by being satisfied and happy with what one has.

What is the central idea of the poem Walt Whitman?

Answer: As a way of dealing with both the population growth and the massive deaths during the Civil War, Whitman focused on the life cycles of individuals: people are born, they age and reproduce, and they die. Such poems as “When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d” imagine death as an integral part of life.

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What message does the poem tiger in the zoo give?

The message conveyed by the poem is that just like humans, animals too long for freedom and do not like being caged. For instance, the tiger in the poem longs to be in the jungle and he looks longingly at the shining stars in the sky. By looking at the stars, the tiger hope to be with nature some day.

How has the answer been conveyed to us and what is it?

Q3. How has the answer been conveyed to us and what is it? Ans. The poet has personified the raindrop and it is answering the poet’s question by saying that it is the ‘poem of the Earth’.

What does the poet ask to soft falling shower?

In the poem, the poet asks the soft-falling shower, ‘Who are you? ‘ to which she replies that she is the poem of earth. It falls back on the surface of the earth to provide water to the drought-prone areas and to beautify and purify the earth (its birthplace).

Why does the poet call this poem a translation?

Answer: The poet calls this poem a translation because he is the only one who understand the rain and translate the words of rain into English.

Why does the poet refer to the sound of the rain as the voice of the rain?

Answer: In the poem, ‘The Voice of the Rain’, the poet describes how the rain falls on Earth. He also asks a question to the rain’about it. He calls the showers of the rain as ‘Poem of Earth’ as the rain gives a new lease of life to ‘ the scorched and parched Earth and falls on Earth in a rhythmic manner.

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