Quick Answer: Which winds bring rain to the north western India in winter?

What causes winter rains in north western India?

Hint: During Winter, there is rainfall in the North Western part of India due to Western disturbances. Westerlies drive the pattern of these non-monsoonal precipitation. Western disturbances are essential for the development of rabi crops in the northern subcontinent.

What is the winter rainfall in north western India known as?

The nature of the winter rainfall in north western India is cyclonic. Frontal (or Cyclonic) Rain is caused by cyclonic activity and it occurs along the fronts of the cyclone. It is formed when two masses of air of different temperature, humidity and density meets.

Which winds cause cyclonic rain in the West European region?

Explanation: Western disturbance is induced by the westerlies, whilst tropical Cyclones are triggered by low-pressure currents of heavy wind that arise through or near large water bodies.

Which winds give rain in India?

Southwestern monsoons are winds that provide India with maximum rainfall. Due to high pressure produced in the Indian Ocean, these winds carry rain towards the end of the summer. In the month of June, the monsoon reaches the Malabar Coast and leaves the country by November.

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Which winds bring rains in India a trade wind B Western Wind C monsoon wind’d none of these?

(ii) The rainfall received by India is largely due to the south-west monsoon winds. The duration of the monsoon is between 100 to 120 days.

Which wind brings rain to the most part of India?

The monsoon winds bring rainfall in India. It is important because agriculture in India is dependent on rains.

How is the winter rainfall of the North West part of India different from the winter rainfall of?

The northwest part of India receives rainfall during the winter months from the Western Depressions, while the southeast part of India receives rainfall because of the northeast monsoon winds.

Why North West India receives rainfall in winter describe three reason?

(i) Cyclonic disturbances occur from the West and the North-West. (ii) These low-pressure systems originate over the Mediterranean sea and Western Asia and move into India alongwith Westerly flow. (iii) They cause winter rains over Punjab, Haryana and Northern plains.