Should I buy rain pants?

Are rain pants worth it?

Hiking rain pants are designed to protect you from the chilling effects of rain or wind. If you plan to hike in a climate where it rains frequently and/or you’re exposed to cold wind, carrying rain pants, rain chaps, or a rain kilt is advisable.

Should I size up for rain pants?

Remember, while you want a good fit at the waist, the pants themselves should be a bit loose to let air circulate. Also keep in mind, that you will be wearing your hiking boots with your rain pants and they are generally bulky enough so keep that in your thoughts too, your rain pants will need to fit over them.

What pants are good for rain?

Rain Pants Comparison Table

Best Rain Pants MSRP Weight
Outdoor Research Helium Pants $119 5.6 oz
Arc’teryx Beta AR Pants $475 18.9 oz
Patagonia Torrentshell Pants $99 10 oz
The North Face Venture 2 Pants $80 8.1 oz

Do you wear rain pants over normal pants?

As already mentioned, I only ever wear my rain pants over my normal hiking pants as an outer shell when needed. However, if you find it practical and functional to wear them as standalone pants, relative to the conditions you hike in, by all means go for it.

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Should I waterproof my hiking pants?

For hikers who spend lots of time hiking in wet weather, a waterproof hiking pant is mandatory. This is especially true for backpackers. But for “fair weather” day hikers, having a waterproof hiking pant might not justify the extra cost.

Should rain jacket be tight or loose?

Find the proper fit.

A waterproof jacket should fit snugly without restricting your movement. When trying one on, move around: jump up and down, wave your arms around, and twist your body. You want to make sure you have full range of movement available to you.

Is a raincoat necessary?

A durable raincoat is vital if you live somewhere damp and cold. A cotton jacket won’t keep you snug when it’s raging outside, and you could even put yourself at risk of hypothermia. You’ll stay cozy in a lined raincoat though.

Are pit zips necessary?

Pits-zips augment the breathable fabric in your existing jacket and prevent it from becoming overwhelmed when you really start to sweat. They also can eliminate the need to take off layers and help avoid added delays when you need to make tracks.

Are rain pants waterproof?

Rain pants, also called rain trousers, are waterproof or water-resistant pants worn to protect the body from rain. … While rain pants can be made of plastic or coated nylon, modern waterproof materials are commonly used, including waterproof-breathable fabric such as Gore-Tex.