What are the main features of hot weather season?

Weather in May

What are the main features of hot weather season Class 9?

The Hot Weather Season (Summer)

  • The summer season is from March to May. …
  • During summer, the temperatures rise and air pressure falls in the northern part of the country. …
  • A characteristic feature of the hot weather season is the ‘loo’. …
  • Dust storms are very common in northern India during the month of May.

What are the feature of hot weather season in India?

The hot weather season in India is from March to May . The summer months experience rising temperature and falling air pressure in the Northern part of the country. Dust storms are very common in May. Loo is a strike feature of the hot weather season.

What are the features of summer season?

April to June is the summer season.

  • Overall temperature is increases in this season.
  • In summer season, sun rays are directly or vertically reach the earth.
  • Sun rays give vitamin D, it play a important role in our health.
  • These season have long days and short nights.
  • Summer seasons fruits and vegetables are grown.

What is the features of summer season in India?

The summer season in India begins from the month of March and continues till the month of May. The highest temperature is recorded in the Northern Plains where the highest temperature may reach up to 35°C to 45°C. During the summer season, a local hot wind called the ‘loo’ blows in the northern parts of the country.

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