What book does Firestar and Sandstorm become mates?

What book does fireheart and Sandstorm become mates?

Over the course of the series it becomes obvious that Sandstorm has fallen in love with Fireheart (revealed in Rising Storm by her cousin Cinderpelt), and by The Darkest Hour the two have become mates.

What page does Firestar and Sandstorm become mates?

The Darkest Hour/Chapter 20.

Does Sandstorm sleep with Firestar?

Before the battle with BloodClan, Firestar is comforted by Sandstorm when she talks to him, saying that although he might never see some of the cats going into battle today they will all fight to the finish. Firestar doesn’t want to be lonely, and invites her to sleep in his den, in which she agrees.

What book does Firestar become leader?

At the end of Forest of Secrets, he becomes deputy, and finally, becomes ThunderClan’s leader, Firestar at the beginning of The Darkest Hour, when Bluestar died from saving her Clan and Fireheart at the end of A Dangerous Path from the dog pack that Tigerstar used to try to destroy ThunderClan.

Did Spottedleaf have kits?

Spottedleaf then states that SkyClan must be doing well to need new dens. She then continues to say that Firestar and Spottedleaf have had kits, it is then noted by Leafstar that Sandstorm looks unhappy about the new kits, suggesting she wanted to have had kits with Firestar and is possibly jealous of Spottedleaf.

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