What countries did Hurricane Ivan hit?

How many countries did Hurricane Ivan hit?


Country Total deaths Direct deaths
Trinidad and Tobago 1 1
United States 54 25
Venezuela 3 3
Totals: 120 90

What places did Hurricane Ivan hit?

Powerful Hurricane Ivan Slams the Central Gulf Coast as a Category 3 Hurricane September 16, 2004

Location Peak Wind Gust Value (mph) Time
Pensacola Naval Air Station, FL KNPA 107 138am
Pensacola, FL 10m Gill 106 144am
Battleship Park, AL on Mobile Bay 105 135am (no data after)
Dauphin Island, AL C-MAN 102 15th at 1029pm

What did Hurricane Ivan destroy?

The remarkable track of Hurricane Ivan

After forming off the coast of Africa on Aug. 31, Ivan gathered steam quickly, becoming first a Category 4 by Sept. 3. It then became a Category 5 as it moved through the Caribbean Sea, causing massive damage to Grenada and the Canary Islands.

Has Grenada recovered from Hurricane Ivan?

Hurricane Ivan, a Category 4 storm with 151 mph winds stalled over Grenada for 15 hours in 2004. … For Grenada, Ivan is history, now. The island is fully recovered, better than ever.

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