What do you wear skydiving in winter?

Is it okay to skydive in the winter?

Yes, you CAN skydive in winter, and ENJOY it too! We jump at Skydive Cross Keys all year round, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t try it at least once. So WHY jump in the cold? … And third, if crowds aren’t your thing, the drop zone is definitely quieter in winter.

Is there a dress code for skydiving?

Some clothing is just unsuitable for skydiving. Anything with tassels, strings or any loose bits that will flap around in the wind can become entangled in the equipment, which could be hazardous. … It’s customary for skydivers to wear jumpsuits over normal clothing.

Can you skydive in January?

Winter. … When it comes to skydiving, however, winter is unfairly judged for being a terrible time to jump. Yes, the air is cooler and it is much colder up at 15,000ft feet than in the summer months, but there are plenty of benefits to taking the leap in winter!

How is skydiving like in the winter?

You can go skydiving in cold weather during the winter. Providing the weather conditions are suitable, you can jump any time. Often, the skies are clearer and the views even more beautiful in the winter, so it’s well worth it! Skydiving is an all-year-round sport but boy, does it get cold in the winter!

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How cold is skydiving?

– at a typical height when the parachute is opened of 1,500m (about 5000-ft) it will be 13°C (55°F). So now that the temperatures are lowering to the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s right now – do the math – it’s COLD.

What is the best temperature for skydiving?

Bright blue cloudless skies, gentle breezes, and temperatures of 75 degrees make a perfect day for tons of activities, skydiving included.

Is 60 degrees too cold to skydive?

Skydiving in the Spring

The temperatures are typically cool but not cold, ranging from about 60 degrees Fahrenheit up to 70 degrees Fahrenheit as summer approaches. In the spring, we don’t see a great deal of rain, so it’s not likely for your skydive to be rained out.

How much does skydiving cost?

The Average Cost of a Skydive

In the USA, the average price of a skydive hovers around $250. That buys you a tandem jump out of an aircraft, attached to a highly experienced, rated and certified instructor via skydiving equipment that keeps you and your new best friend together for the entire experience.