What genre is the coldest winter ever?

Is The Coldest Winter Ever fiction or nonfiction?

The Coldest Winter Ever

Author Sister Souljah
Country United States
Language English
Genre Literary fiction Urban fiction
Publisher Simon & Schuster (hardcover) Pocket Books (mass-market paperback) Washington Square Press (trade paperback)

What is the theme of the coldest winter ever?

Theme. The theme is to never take anything for granted and work for what you want. Things will never be just given to you, you must work for it not try to scheme and get it the easy way. Winter did not comprehend this subject.

Does the coldest winter ever have a movie?

“The Coldest Winter” is a World War II film, with the feel of a Spaghetti Western. By ordering or viewing, you agree to our Terms. Sold by Amazon.com Services LLC.

Who is bullet in the coldest winter ever?

Winter’s boyfriend is Bullet. She meets him at a party in Brooklyn and is soon hanging out with him. It soon becomes clear that Winter has made a big mistake, as Bullet is selfish and possessive, not to mention a drug dealer.

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Is winter really dead?

True to Souljah’s insistence on consequences, the sequel begins with a hard shock: Winter is dead, stuck in a purgatory known as the Last Stop Before the Drop, and given one last chance to avoid eternal damnation. “People have said, ‘It’s so unexpected,’” said Souljah.

Why did winter Santiaga go to jail?

The Coldest Winter Ever is a novel by Sister Souljah about Winter Santiaga, the spoiled, rebellious daughter of notorious drug dealer Ricky Santiaga. Winter’s father is a drug dealer. … However, Winter fails to heed Sister Souljah’s advice and gets arrested for transporting drugs in her boyfriend’s car.

How did the coldest winter ever end?

Bullet, a drug dealer from the projects, now wealthy himself, swoops her up, gaining total control of her actions and movements. In the end, she is betrayed by Bullet, who leaves her to take the “fall” for his crimes, and she lands a fifteen year prison sentence.

What order should I read Sister Souljah?

Book List in Order:6 titles

  • Life After Death. Mar-2021. General Fiction. …
  • A Moment of Silence. Nov-2015. General Fiction. …
  • A Deeper Love Inside. Feb-2013. General Fiction. …
  • Midnight and the Meaning of Love. Oct-2011. Literary. …
  • Midnight. Nov-2008. General Fiction. …
  • The Coldest Winter Ever. Nov-2004. General Fiction.

Did Sister Souljah have a ghost writer?

The fact that people jumped on Sister Souljah for apparently having a ghostwriter and that a fan and fellow author felt the need to defend her and try to prove Sister Souljah wouldn’t do something so ‘drastic’, shows that many in the Black community see putting your name on someone else’s work…work you paid for…as a …

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Who really wrote coldest winter ever?

Is Sister Souljah coming out with a new book?

The long-awaited sequel to The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah is coming Spring March 2021 and is now available for pre-order!