What is biological weathering answer in one sentence?

What do you mean by biological weathering answer?

Biological weathering is the weakening and subsequent disintegration of rock by plants, animals and microbes. Growing plant roots can exert stress or pressure on rock. Although the process is physical, the pressure is exerted by a biological process (i.e., growing roots).

What is biological weathering in geography class 9?

Biological weathering is weathering caused by plants and animals. Plants and animals release acid forming chemicals that cause weathering and also contribute to the breaking down of rocks and landforms. It is also known as Organic weathering. Its main agents are animals, insects, plants and man.

What is called wind answer in one sentence?

A wind is a current of air that is moving across the earth’s surface. There was a strong wind blowing. Then the wind dropped and the surface of the sea was still. The leaves rustled in the wind.

What is slumping answer in one sentence?

Explanation: A slump is a form of mass wasting that occurs when a coherent mass of loosely consolidated materials or a rock layer moves a short distance down a slope. Movement is characterized by sliding along a concave-upward or planar surface. …

What is classing weathering 7?

Answer: Physical weathering. Chemical weathering. Physical weathering is the breaking down of rocks into smaller pieces. Chemical weathering involves the breaking down of minerals in a rock into new minerals.

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What is the meaning of weathering in a sentence?

Definition of Weathering. the act of weather conditions altering the state of material, whether it be texture, color, etc. Examples of Weathering in a sentence. 1. Powerful wind gusts and heavy rains did their part weathering the church until its fresh paint was chipped and peeling.

Which term describes weathering?

Weathering is a term which describes the general process by which rocks are broken down at the Earth’s surface into such things as sediments, clays, soils and substances that are dissolved in water. … As weathered products are carried away, fresh rocks are exposed to further weathering.