What is opposite of a thunderstorm?

What is lightning without rain called?

The #1 Natural Cause of Wildfires

Although there’s no rain, at least at ground level, these storms still pack plenty of lightning. When lightning strikes in these arid conditions, it’s called dry lightning and wildfires can easily erupt.

Why is thunder so loud in Texas?

However, because of the temperature inversion air warming as you go up, in Elevated storms, the sound waves are trapped near the ground or get bent back toward earth or refracted. This trapping and refraction of sound can cause addition sound and amplify the sound of thunder, making it louder sounding.

What is yellow lightning?

Yellow or orange lightning occurs when there is a large concentration of dust in the air. White lightning is a sign of low humidity or a little amount of moisture in the air. White is the color of lightning that most often ignites forest fires.

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