What is the best winter food plot for deer?

When should I plant my winter food plot?

These are called “fall” crops but need to be planted from July to September to grow the most forage. The cereal grains mixed with clover attract deer first while the brassicas stand tall and are accessible above snow in northern areas for late-season forage. Getting these plots prepared now puts you ahead of the game.

What can I plant for deer in off season?

Plant large-seeded legumes, such as forage soybeans or lablab, and ensure the plants can grow to “forage size.” That means either planting enough acreage that your herd won’t mow the plots to the ground or protect them until the plants are big enough to sustain substantial browse pressure.

Is clover a good late season food plot?

If you live in a state that can experience a dry summer or worst yet, then clover may not be the best food plot seed selection going into the fall. If you live in an area that typically has a cold and harsh winter, establishing your clover plot during the late winter/early spring months will likely be a better option.

Why are deer not eating my food plot?

1. If deer aren’t eating soybeans, it usually means they don’t recognize them as a source of food (this happened at The Proving Grounds the first two years I planted beans here), or the quality of the forage is lower than other forage available in the area.

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How late can you plant turnips for deer?

Turnips can be planted in late summer in northern climates or early fall in the southern states. Different turnip varieties produce different proportions of leaves and roots. Garden varieties tend to grow large roots and should be avoided.

How do you attract deer in late season?

In some cases, you can even see mature bucks feeding in crop fields or food plots during daylight hours. Standing corn and soybeans are both extremely attractive to deer. While corn offers mostly carbs (useful to add fat on a deer), soybeans have fat and protein to help rebuild muscle tissue as well.

Do deer like eating clover?

Another benefit of clover is that, the deer and other animals love it as a lush green forage for all times of the year. … Clover, being a perennial plant, simply grows back after a mowing or being browsed heavily by deer.

Can I plant a food plot in January?

Start your Best Food Plot in the Dead of Winter. … As the winter gives way to spring we experience Mother Nature’s own cultivator. The last weeks and even days of frigid weather can plant your seed for you.

What is a good perennial food plot for deer?

Some examples of perennial forages that are commonly planted for deer include various white clovers, red clover, alsike clover, alfalfa and chicory.