What is the first rain?

What is the first rain called?

It’s called “Petrichor”; a word derived from Greek language, i.e. “Petra” meaning ‘stone’, while “Ichor” is the fluid that flows in the veins of the Gods – per Greek mythology.

What does rain on the first mean?

— There’s an old saying that states: “If it rains on the first day of the month, then it will rain 15 days in that month.” … In wet regions like the Pacific Northwest, they could average 15 days or more days of rain about 5 months out the year.

What is little rain called?

Drizzle is light rain falling in fine drops.

What does it mean if it rains at a funeral?

In the Victorian era, it was actually considered good luck if it rained during a funeral. People believed that it signified the soul of the deceased is moving onto heaven. This superstition persists in some places, including in Ireland.

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