What name replaced Hurricane Irene?

Has the name Hurricane Irene been retired?

The name “Irene” has been retired from the list of Atlantic Basin hurricane names, because of the damage Hurricane Irene caused when it hit the Caribbean and U.S. East Coast last year, the World Meteorological Organization announced today (April 13).

Did they change hurricane names?

In 1953, the United States began using female names for storms and, by 1978, both male and female names were used to identify Northern Pacific storms. This was then adopted in 1979 for storms in the Atlantic basin. NOAA’s National Hurricane Center does not control the naming of tropical storms.

Is Katrina a retired hurricane name?

From 1950 – 2011, 76 hurricanes had their names retired. The list includes one tropical storm, Allison of 2001, that caused billions in damage from its heavy rains.

Atlantic Storms Retired Into Hurricane History.

Year Name Areas Affected
2005 Katrina Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida
2005 Dennis Cuba, Florida

Was Hurricane Irene worse than Sandy?

The effects of Hurricane Irene in New Jersey in 2011 included about $1 billion in damage to 200,000 homes and buildings. This made it the costliest disaster in the state’s history, though this was dwarfed by Hurricane Sandy the following year.

Was Hurricane Irene a 100 year storm?

Videos of rampaging rivers in Vermont, New York State, New Jersey, and surrounding states attest to the extreme nature of the great deluge Hurricane Irene brought. … According to imagery from metstat.com, Irene’s rains were a 1-in-100 year event for portions of six states.

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When was Hurricane Irene in NY?

Hurricane Irene started as a tropical wave from the African coast on August 15, 2011 and by August 21, it strengthened into a Category 1 hurricane. It made its first landfall on the Caribbean island of St. Croix and made its final landfall on August 27 in Brooklyn, NY.

What was the last hurricane name 2021?

Subtropical Storm Wanda formed this weekend in the Atlantic, claiming the last name on the 2021 list. If another storm forms before the end of the busy 2021 hurricane season on Nov. 30, it will be the third time in history that forecasters will use a secondary list of names.