What speed can Tornadoes reach?

Can tornadoes reach 300 mph?

The strongest tornadoes can produce winds of around 300 mph which are capable of destroying all but specially designed, tornado-proof structures. Fortunately, tornadoes this powerful are also quite rare.

Can a tornado reach 400 mph?

The only evidence indicating the wind speeds found in the tornado was the damage left behind by tornadoes that struck populated areas. Some believed they reach 400 mph (640 km/h); others thought they might exceed 500 mph (800 km/h), and perhaps even be supersonic.

Are 1000 mph winds possible?

The end of the world wouldn’t be pretty. If a big asteroid — like the one whizzing by on Wednesday — slammed into the Earth, ferocious winds of up to 1,000 mph and intense shock waves would kill the most people, according to a study published Wednesday. … The winds and the shock waves would be the worst.

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