When should I buy winter pansies?

When can I buy winter pansies?

The main surge of sales of winter pansies is from early September to mid-October. This is the ideal time to plant them as in these months your soil is still warm and new compost will be warmed by the early autumn sunshine.

When should I start pansies?

Start indoors 10-12 weeks before planting out. For spring planting after last frost, that means up to 3 months growing time indoors. Otherwise, sow direct outdoors in summer to early autumn. For winter-flowering pansies in Zones 7-9, start seeds in mid to late June.

Are pansies available yet?

Pansies are violas, and you’ll find many variations of both from August to March in Garden Centers throughout the country.

Are winter pansies different to summer pansies?

Do pansies bloom in summer or winter? As a rule, pansy flowering season is from spring to summer in cool climates, then the flowers die back as temperatures rise. But pansy bloom time is fall to winter in hot areas.

What do you do with pansies in the summer?

Water pansies throughout the summer, whether they are in the ground or in containers, but temporarily stop fertilizing them during the hot summer. Begin feeding your pansies again with a balanced water soluble organic fertilizer in late summer. Use a diluted solution once or twice a week at first to get them started.

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