Where can tropical storms be found?

What are tropical storms and where are they found?

Tropical storms usually form between 5° and 30° latitude. When the ocean surface waters reaches at least 27°C due to solar heating, the warm air above the water rises quickly, causing an area of very low pressure. As the air rises quickly more warm moist air is drawn upwards from above the ocean creating strong winds.

Where are tropical storms found GCSE?

Over the sea, this is something that naturally releases massive amounts of energy, giving tropical storms their power. As the air rises, areas of low pressure form. The equator is home to easterly winds, which is why tropical storms can be tracked moving towards the west.

Where are tropical cyclones found quizlet?

Occur between 5° to 30° North and South of the equator.

Why are tropical storms found near the equator?

Tropical Storms start within 5º and 30º north and south of the equator where surface sea temperatures reach at least 26.5ºC. The air above the warm sea is heated and rises. This causes low pressure. As the air rises it cools then condenses, forming clouds.

How do tropical storms form AQA?

Tropical storms only develop over warm water when the sea temperature is 27°C or higher and there is an atmospheric low, where air rises. When the warm, moist air rises due to the condensation occurs and it releases huge amounts of energy, which makes these powerful storm systems.

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