Where is landfall for Hurricane Delta?

What cities will be hit by Hurricane Delta?

Here’s a city-by-city look at when the Gulf Coast will feel Delta’s effects

  • Lake Charles, Louisiana.
  • Lake Arthur, Louisiana.
  • Abbeville, Louisiana.
  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
  • Beaumont/Port Arthur, Texas.
  • New Orleans, Louisiana.

Has Hurricane Delta hit land yet?

Hurricane Delta made landfall in southwestern Louisiana as a Category 2 storm Friday, compounding misery along a path of destruction left by Hurricane Laura only six weeks earlier.

What time will delta make landfall?

Hurricane Delta makes landfall on Louisiana coast

The center of the storm hit land at 7 p.m. Friday near Creole, with top winds of 100 mph (155 km/h).

Is Hurricane Delta going to hit Mississippi?

Officials in Mississippi have warned residents to prepare accordingly, even though Delta is not expected to make landfall directly on the Mississippi coast. Heavy rain and wind are expected to reach the Jackson metro area and portions of north Mississippi once it begins to travel inland.

Is Hurricane Delta going to hit New Orleans?

The City of New Orleans is monitoring Hurricane Delta, which is expected to make landfall in the Northern Gulf of Mexico late this week. Text DELTA to 888777 for updates.

How bad is Hurricane Delta?

Hurricane Delta was a strong Category 2 and first of all, we saw it in a sort of menacing the Gulf Coast as a major hurricane a cat 3 winds, 120 miles per hour. … We saw 96 mile per hour winds and Lake Charles, which is still reeling from Hurricane Laura. So this was a tough hit for the state of Louisiana.

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