Which is the most useful effect of weathering Brainly?

Which is the most useful effect of weathering?

the main use is that it forms soil.

Which is an effect of weathering?

The effects of weathering disintegrate and alter mineral and rocks near or at the earth’s surface. This shapes the earth’s surface through such processes as wind and rain erosion or cracks caused by freezing and thawing.

What is weathering and why is it important?

Weathering causes the disintegration of rock near the surface of the earth. Plant and animal life, atmosphere and water are the major causes of weathering. Weathering breaks down and loosens the surface minerals of rock so they can be transported away by agents of erosion such as water, wind and ice.

Why is weathering important to our lives?

1) Weather controls the distribution of rain water on earth. All living organisms on earth require liquid water to survive, and humans require fresh (not salty) water for drinking and agriculture (growing crops for food). … There are many ways that weather is important in people’s lives; these are just a few examples.

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What are examples of weathering?

Weathering is the wearing away of the surface of rock, soil, and minerals into smaller pieces. Example of weathering: Wind and water cause small pieces of rock to break off at the side of a mountain. Weathering can occur due to chemical and mechanical processes.

What are types of weathering?

There are three types of weathering, physical, chemical and biological.

Which effect of weathering is useful to plants and animals?

Tiny bits of weathered minerals mix with plants, animal remains, fungi, bacteria, and other organisms. A single type of weathered rock often produces infertile soil, while weathered materials from a collection of rocks is richer in mineral diversity and contributes to more fertile soil.

What factors of weathering has the most effect to rocks?

Rainfall and temperature can affect the rate in which rocks weather. High temperatures and greater rainfall increase the rate of chemical weathering. 2. Rocks in tropical regions exposed to abundant rainfall and hot temperatures weather much faster than similar rocks residing in cold, dry regions.

What are the beneficial and harmful effects of weathering?

Positive Impacts • The weathering of rocks helps to form the basic component of soil. Soil is very essential for Human Activities . Negative Impacts • Erosion by flowing water during floods causes extensive damage to human properties and they also destroy lives. Floods can cause crops and livestock destruction.

What is the importance of weathering class 11?

weathering aids mass wasting, erosion and reduction of relief and changes in landforms. weathering of rocks and deposition helps in the enrichment and concentrations of certain valuable ores of iron manganaese, aluminium copper.it is an important process of soil formation.

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