Which of the following is a tip for driving in wet weather?

What should a driver do in wet weather?

Tips for driving in wet conditions

Slowing down on wet roads is crucial. Wet roads give you less grip, increase your braking distance and reduce your ability to properly steer around obstacles. Keep a further distance from the car in front of you since braking distances are longer on wet roads.

What are 3 safe driving tips for driving in rain?

Safety Tips For Driving In The Rain

  1. Drive A Clean Car In Good Condition. When visibility is limited by wet weather, it’s important that your car itself doesn’t impede your sight. …
  2. Know The Roads. …
  3. Switch On Lights, Not Brights. …
  4. Slow Down! …
  5. Don’t Get In Too Deep. …
  6. Steer Where You Want To Go. …
  7. Hold Off On Unnecessary Trips.

When driving on wet roads What should you do?

Here are some tips for driving safely on wet roads:

Slow down before turning, and maintain a consistent speed throughout the turn. While turning, don’t make any sudden steering wheel movements. Only brake in a straight line before the turn, and do so gradually. Be careful if you need to brake during the turn.

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How do people drive in rainy weather?

Drive defensively in the rain and reduce your speed to below the speed limit to prevent the chance of hydroplaning. Add more car lengths between you and the car in front of you. The cruise control should never be used during the rain.

What should you do when you get wet in the rain?

1- If you get wet in the rain, change your clothes as soon as you reach home. By doing this the body temperature will return to normal. 2- After changing your clothes, apply some antibacterial cream to your body. This will help you get rid of the bacteria and will keep allergies at bay.

What should you do when driving on wet roads in the rain why?

Why? When driving on wet roads in the rain you should slow down because roads become slick during rainstorms and especially if it has not rained in a while ( oil build – up on the highway ) wet road conditions will increase your braking / stopping distance, so be sure to increase following distance.

What is hydroplaning in driving?

Hydroplaning occurs when water gets in front of your tires faster than the weight of your vehicle can push it out of the way. The water pressure can actually raise your vehicle so that it slides on a thin layer of water.

Which of the following is true about driving on a wet roadway?

The faster you drive on a wet roadway, the less effective your tires will be at wiping the water from the road. If your speed becomes excessive enough, your tires will lose their grip on the road entirely and you will begin to hydroplane (that is, to slide down the road on a film of water).

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