Who does the rain describe herself in the poem the voice of the rain?

What does rain tell about herself in the poem?

The rain identifies herself as the earth’s poem.

It says that, in the form of invisible vapours of water, it rises from the land and the deep sea and goes up to the boundless blue sky. It then takes the form of clouds having different shapes.

How does rain describe itself?

The rain calls itself poem of earth. It is everlasting and perpetual. It is something that cannot be touched. It originates from the land and the deep sea.

Why does the poet describe rain as the poem of the earth?

Answer: The rain calls itself the Poem of the Earth because the poem rendered by the poet has the task of bringing joy, happiness, life to its readers. Similarly when the rain falls down over Earth, a rhythm or music is created. That’s why the rain calls itself the Poem of Earth.

What answer does the rain give to the poet regarding herself and her origin?

What answer did the rain give to the poet about its origin? Ans. The rain answered that it was the poem of the earth. It rose eternally out of the land and bottomless sea into the sky.

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Why does the rain call itself impalpable in the poem the voice of the rain?

When water takes the form of vapour, it is not visible to the human eye and nor can we feel its touch. The vapour rises to the sky, condenses and forms clouds which cause rain. Though we are aware of its presence, the process remains invisible to us. Hence, the rain has rightly called itself ‘impalpable’.

How does the speaker describe rain clouds?

Answer: The speaker describes the storm which makes the clouds unsteady and with its moist east wind blow,s upon the Heath making a sound.

Why does the poet call the voice of the rain a translation ‘?

The poet calls this poem a translation because he is the only one who understand the rain and translate the words of rain into English.