Why was the damage to New Orleans from Hurricane Katrina so extensive?

Why did New Orleans experience such tremendous damage during Hurricane Katrina?

It was so destructive primarily because levees around New Orleans, Louisiana failed. Levees are water barriers built to prevent flooding (parts of New Orleans have an elevation that is lower than sea level). When the levees failed, huge areas of the cities flooded.

Why was the damage to New Orleans from Hurricane Katrina 2005 so extensive quizlet?

The combination of a storm surge of up to 10m, wave action and high winds resulted in widespread destruction. The failure of earthen Levees and flood walls left parts of New Orleans under 6m of water after the storm passed.

What was the main reason that Hurricane Katrina proved so disastrous to New Orleans in 2005?

The failures of levees and flood walls during Katrina are considered by experts to be the worst engineering disaster in the history of the United States. By August 31, 2005, 80% of New Orleans was flooded, with some parts under 15 feet (4.6 m) of water.

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What did Hurricane Katrina damage?

In 2005, Katrina killed more than 1,800 people and caused more than $100 billion in property damage, largely because of the failure of levees that led to catastrophic flooding.

What happened to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina?

Since Hurricane Katrina made landfall, the city’s flood walls have been rebuilt and strengthened. … Katrina caused over 1,800 deaths and $100 billion in damage. New Orleans was particularly hit hard due to flooding. The hurricane’s 19-foot storm surge broke through the city’s flood walls and the levees.

How did Hurricane Katrina affect New Orleans quizlet?

80% New Orleans underwater- Saints stadium was destroyed. Impacted 90,000m squared. emergency services. SLOW MILITARY AID- 4 days after.

Why did the communication system break down hours after Hurricane Katrina quizlet?

Why did the communication system break down hours after Hurricane Katrina? Citizens couldn’t contact their government officials because their cell phones and land lines weren’t working. Officials couldn’t communicate with each other because of lack of communication.

What was Hurricane Katrina quizlet?

Hurricane Katrina was caused by a tropical depression near the Bahamas. It began as a tropical storm, which passed over Florida before developing into a Category 5 Hurricane over the Gulf of Mexico, due to the high sea temperature of 27 degrees C. It reached Louisiana on 29th August 2005.