You asked: How much is Davies sun and rain?

Does Davies elastomeric paint need primer?

DAVIES ® Sun & Rain ® is an ODOURLESS self-priming and water-proofing Low Sheen Elastomeric Paint. Unlike ordinary elastomeric paints, DAVIES ® Sun & Rain ® Odourless Elastomeric Paint utilizes 100% Acrylic Technology that gives excellent UV and water resistance resulting to a more durable and attractive paint finish.

Can I use Davies sun and rain on wood?

Davies Gloss-it is an all-purpose synthetic enamel paint ideal for all types of wood and metal surfaces. It has high-gloss, good color retention and outstanding durability. It dries fast without adversely affecting the film flow and ease of application.

How much is elastomeric paint in Philippines?

AVAILABLE IN: 1L – price starts @ 175php 4L – price starts @ 636php 16L -price starts @ 2,470php We are authorized reseller/agent of Davies Paints.

Can I use elastomeric paint indoors?

Elastomer Paint can accommodate raining conditions without the hassle of paint repair. Elastomer Paint is also good for interior surfaces because the elastic property of the paint prevents water from seeping inside the house.

What is best paint for interior walls Philippines?

The Best Interior Paint Brands in the Philippines

Interior Paint Brand Brand Description Product Example
Boysen (Pacific Paint) Possibly the most trusted Filipino paint brand, Boysen produces a wide range of coatings every surface. Boysen Permatex – a water-based, textured finish paint.
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Who owns Davies paint?

president and CEO Masataka Uetake, who flew in all the way from Japan; Davies Paints Philippines Inc.