You asked: What do weather fronts mark?

What does weather fronts mark between two air masses?

boundary between two air masses when neither is moving. Clear skies to partly cloudy skies may result, with occasional light rain. front will steadily rise above the cooler air and create gentle rain showers. An Occluded Front is formed when a cold front catches and overtakes a warm front.

How are fronts depicted on a weather map?

Cold fronts are depicted by blue line with triangles pointing in the direction of motion. Cold fronts demarcate the leading edge of a cold air mass displacing a warmer air mass. Phrases like “ahead of the front” and “behind of the front” refer to its motion.

What weather front causes thunderstorms?

A cold front does the same thing with a warm air mass. The warm air is forced to rise because it is less dense than the cold air. This causes a surge of rising motion with is known to generate thunderstorms.

What front causes rain?

However, as a cold front comes in and drives under the mass of warm air, the warmer and moist air will be forced upwards. As the warm air is pushed higher, the moisture it carries condenses and falls as rain.

What does a weather map show?

Surface weather maps show how the atmospheric pressure, or barometric pressure, varies. This is important because masses of air with relatively low or high pressure move across the Earth’s surface, changing the weather as they pass. … Pressure readings are printed at each station on detailed maps.

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Why should you care about weather fronts?

Why do I care? Frontal passages mark changes in weather conditions and can be accompanied by rain, clouds, and even severe weather. Fronts mark the boundary between two air masses. The air masses can have large temperature contrasts over a short distance on either side of the front.