You asked: What kind of roof is best for hurricane?

What is the best roofing for high winds?

For overall durability, metal roofing is probably the best roofing material to consistently sustain high winds for the duration of the life of the roof. Metal roofing has less seams and overlaps than other roof options.

What type of roof is more susceptible to damage by high winds?

Your roof is more vulnerable to damage if you live in a hurricane- or tornado-prone area, or where high winds occur frequently. Your roof geometry. High-pitched gable roofs with wide overhangs are more susceptible to wind uplift, whereas aerodynamic, four-sided hip roofs are more resistant to damage.

What makes a roof hurricane-proof?

The Top Layer of Your Roof

That is why engineers and safety professionals recommend metal roofing as the safest and most hurricane-proof roofing option. A wide range of metals are available making it possible to install a gorgeous roof that is incredibly safe.

Is a metal roof better than shingles in a hurricane?

Metal roofs can be a wise decision and a good investment in hurricane-prone areas. … Each shingle that comes loose weakens the roofing system and leaves the home susceptible to water as well as wind damage. Metal roofs, on the other hand, not only stay in one piece, they also excel at protecting against wind-driven rain.

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What are hurricane proof shingles?

For the highest level of wind rated shingle, look for shingles that are rated to ASTM D3161 Class F or ASTM D7158 Class H. For the highest level of impact protection, look for shingles that meet UL 2218 Class 4. Asphalt Shingles. Pros: Relatively low cost, lightweight, and easy to install.

What is the best roof for a tornado?

For ultimate tornado protection, choose class H asphalt shingles that are designed to withstand up to 150 mph winds. Concrete tiles are naturally wind-resistant due to their natural porosity. Wind flows through concrete tile pores, which prevents uplifting of the tiles.

How do you build a hurricane proof house?

Reinforced, impact-resistant doors, laminated windows, storm-resistant windows or hurricane shutters, pull-down PVC shutter systems and high-impact synthetic window shades all contribute to a home’s impact resistance.