You asked: Who originally sang sweater weather?

Is the person who sings Sweater Weather a boy or girl?

As The Neighbourhood’s lead singer Jesse Rutherford explained to ABC News Radio, the lyrics to “Sweater Weather” are about intimacy — and are relatively genderless.

How did Jesse Rutherford and Devon Carlson meet?

Devon and Jesse met in high school. “I was a freshman and he was a senior, but we grew up in the same town and were friends on Facebook,” she shares, explaining that they started talking after they both graduated.

Who writes Neighbourhood songs?

Original songs

Title Written by Originally by
Let It Go Emile Haynie, Zach Abels, Jeremy Freedman, Jesse Rutherford, Michael Margott, Bryan Sammis The Neighbourhood
Nervous Benny Blanco, Zach Abels, Jeremy Freedman, Jesse Rutherford, Frank Dukes, Michael Margott, Lars Stalfors, Brandon Fried The Neighbourhood
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